We're the San Francisco chapter of The American Outlaws.

We cheer and support
United States soccer teams.

About AOSF

We get together for almost every US men's and women's soccer game: World Cups, friendlies, and everything in between.

Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter who you are: if you're a member of American Outlaws or you're not, if you're a die-hard soccer fan or you've never watched a single game before. Come with friends, or come solo and make some new friends: we'll be the friendly weirdos in USA gear.

We follow the AO Code of Conduct at all games. If you see something you're uncomfortable with, ask to speak with one of the AOSF board members and we'll take action. Don't know who we are? Ask a bartender at McTeague's- they will help you out as well.

You'll always be able to find us at McTeague's Saloon, in the Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco.

Upcoming events


You don't need to become a member of The American Outlaws in order to join us at the pub, but if you do, you'll get the classic Outlaw bandana, a AO member shirt, a bunch of discounts, and warm fuzzy feelings about supporting US soccer. Only $25 a year.

Click below to sign up with the national AO organization. During signup, you can select San Francisco as your local chapter.